Prevent Issues With Clothes During Termite Fumigation

Holy moly I couldn’t believe the amount of pests in my garage and home. it is a wonder how I could not find all of these pests and insects. Now i am wondering how I am supposed to remove these insects from my home. Do I hire an exterminator or do I just ask friends and family how I should go about removing these insects?

Well something happened. I hired an exterminator and turns out I needed to fumigate my property for termites. Well, upon doing the fumigation service, I was thinking to myself wow. What should I do with my clothes? Do I have to wash my clothes after fumigation? I was not certain, so i took myself to google.

I typed in things like “what to do with clothes during fumigation” and whether or not I should wash my clothes after. Nicely enough, I was able to find some good information on this website:

I found that I would be definitely 100% not needing to do anything due to the amount of dissipation that happens with the gas, and my company did a clearance check and i was all good to go! So next time I will not have to worry about whether or not I am going to have to wash my clothes or what to do with my clothes during fumigation. Talk to you guys on the next article.